Featured Senior: Jessie

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Zebras & Cheetahs... oh my!

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Gotta love the animal print! Here's a few shots from the Class of 2011

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Children's Photography: Calvin

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Meet Calvin! Smith Photography has been photographing Calvin from maternity, newborn, infant to toddler! Here's a few portraits from Calvin's 18 month session.


Calvin 2


Manic Monday Music!

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SHS Cheerleaders Poster

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5...4...3...2...1.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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Smith Photography wants to wish all of you a safe and happy

New Years! 

Have fun and see you in 2011!!!!

A New Year, a New Look?

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If you're looking to change your look but afraid to make the cut? Then check out taaz.com! Simply upload a photo of yourself and try on hundreds of hair styles, glasses and make-up! It's free and tons of fun!

Picture 3

Senior Portraits: Featured Senior -Rachel

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This gorgeous picture is of Rachel. We love the vibrant blue background with her stunning red hair.

I'm cold just looking at this video!

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Featured Senior: Katy

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Von DerHeide