A Lovely Red Jacket...

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Lauren couldn't have picked a better color to wear for her outdoor street scenes! We LOVE the way her red jacket compliments the warm toned brick and hair color. 

Holiday Fund Delivery

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Smith Photography is helping deliver food for the Holiday Fund for those less fortunate. If you have some spare time on Saturday, December 11 @ 9 a.m., just stop by the Stoughton Community Building, 200 North Street and lend a helping hand!

SHS Lady Vikings Basketball Poster

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Poster BB print

Has this ever happened at a train station you've been in?

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Way to go Bucky!!!!!!

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Picture 3 Congrats to the UW Badgers for making it to the Rose Bowl! An extra congratulations goes out to previous Smith Seniors, Gabe Carimi and Jacob Ninneman, we enjoyed photographing you both, meeting your families and watching your accomplishments. We'll be watching you  on New Year's Day..... on our couch.... in cold Wisconsin =) Go Bucky!!!!

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School Spirit!

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AndersonK 117lev

Going to games and cheering on your team is a memory everyone has of high school and we love that Kendyl included her school spirit in her senior portraits!

What Ellen and Lauren have to say about Smith...

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New Class of 2011 Video!

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Check out this video and more in the Video section of our Senior Website!



Wanted Wall Portraits: Memento

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Straub Memento Blog

We had so much with Brian's session! We not only had an indoor session but we also went out to his home and did some really fun things! The Memento Wall Portrait is perfect for displaying such variety!

Wanted Wall Portraits: Keepsake 3

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Maurer Keepsake 3A2

Gage's Keepsake was designed with a Black Mat and with his golden tones it turned out very handsome! Plus, I mean look at him and his dog, Blue! You can't get much cuter than that!!!