Happy Halloween!!!

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Congrats Mary and Crystal!!!!

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   SPA Blog  

We are sooo excited to announce that Mary and Crystal are moving on to the SPA (Senior Portrait Artists) National Model search 2011!! To check out more details about this awsome opportunity and to follow the different model rounds check out the SPA website HERE

Love to Laugh!

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We love this fun bright and happy shot of Rachel. With her bright blue shirt and cool shades, she looks great in front of a fire truck! We loved this picture so much it's our latest profile pic on facebook =)   (Which is now up to 1,000 fans!) 

Fun Facts Friday! Alexis -Lakeside Lutheran

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Lehman pg2

A few fun and sweet words that Michelle had to say about her daughter Alexis...

1.) Something my daughter has too much of...

She has too many tennis shoes and jeans!!!

2.) One of my favorite memories of Alexis is...

Now, I (her mom) am always catching up and staying in touch with friends and family. So when Alexis was about 3 or 4 years old she had this little toy phone, and one day I called a friend and was chatting away. I was busy talking when I noticed that Alexis had her toy phone up to her ear imitating everything I was doing! From my quick chatter, to my hand gestures. It was the simplest, cutest, but funniest thing. She had me pin-pointed perfectly!

3.) My daughter is...

Beautiful, true-hearted and an amazing young woman! There aren't enough words to describe her. I wish her nothing but the best!

All my love, 


Wanted Wall Portraits: Senior Cube

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Schuttler Mini-Cubeblog

We were a big fan of Ethan's Senior Cube, because of the various poses and color coordination. The complementary blues and outdoor locations make for one great wall portrait! Plus with a smile like Ethan's it's hard not to look good!


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Testimonial -Allie R

Creative Senior Ideas: Idea 14

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Each year we are amazed at the talent we see from all you seniors! Erica was one of those gifted with a beautiful voice! Before Erica's session she told us that she was thinking of bringing in a few personal items that pertained to her music! She brought in her keyboard and sheet music, which paired PERFECTLY with Smith's New Vintage Microphone!! 

Fun Facts Friday- Shelly A. -Oregon

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AceS 089ppwblog
1.) How my friends would describe me....

 Outgoing, cheerful, and adventurous!

2.) Something I can't live without....

My Phone!!!

3.) Dream vacation destination...


4.) Favorite artist/group on my iPod...

Taylor Swift

Congrats Adam on your Internship!

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 All of us at Smith want to congratulate Adam on his internship with the Fitchburg Fire Department! 

Adam, you totally deserve it and we know that you will be amazing! We wish you nothing but the best and brightest future! 

Thank you for all the great, fun and memorable sessions!


The Smith Photography Staff

Wanted Wall Portraits: Stacked Keepsake 3's

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Eide Keepsake 3Ablog

Eide Keepsake 3A2
 Elizabeth had such a great session and when it came to designing her wall portraits we wanted to group her looks together. Instead of mixing her bright colors with her earth-tones images, we separated them and incorporated them in their own products! Now instead of hanging one larger wall portrait they will stack these two Keepsakes one on top of the other on their wall at home! It creates a great design and keeps her look cohesive!