Creative Senior Ideas: Idea Nine

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Bowen 047web

Stylish Taylor is into fashion and glam! So when she brought in her personal vanity, makeup, and a dress she designed and made herself we couldn't wait to being her session!! Being creative herself, Taylor was open to a lot of our unique ideas. We played with different camera angles and the end result turned out a MASTERPIECE! We like to try different techniques and ideas, if you are comfortable with it we can try some pretty fun stuff!

We Love Our Job!!!!

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All of us at Smith consider ourselves lucky because we truly love our jobs! Each morning we look forward to coming into work and starting our days, and that is because of all of you. Our clients are honestly the best!!! Right now our Models are totally rocking in the camera room and have some super fun and unique pics! 

We at Smith are all about having fun and giving you the best and most memorable experience possible! All of our Models and parents have had such refreshing attitudes and are filled with tons of excitement and it's totally showing! We are so happy that all of you are having fun and we are too! 

Thanks again for the great memories so far . . .

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Wanted Wall Portrait: The Journey

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 Last week we posted a blog entry on the Journey 2. I mentioned that there was another version and here it is! Kayla's images worked better in this Journey because she had some great horizontal images that fit nicer here than in the Journey 2 (which has more vertical placements). Overall, it truly depends on the images you would like to use. We are able to rotate the layouts and play with crops to make them fit perfectly in either Journey!

Creative Senior Ideas: Idea Eight

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We want to hear about your interests and hobbies! Kathryn loved flying and was actually going for her Private Flying License! So when she asked about our On Location Sessions, we were excited that she wanted to have a photo-shoot at the Dane County Airport in Madison! If you have a special place you would like us go, contact us ahead of time because On Location Sessions are photographed on separate days and times from your actual Senior Session! 

Get To Know The Smith Staff....Debbie!!!

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Who's Debbie Web

Have A Funky Lunch!

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Funky Lunch

You are familiar with the saying, "April Showers Bring May Flowers." Well, when you are stuck inside on the next rainy April day try making one of these fun sandwiches! A few of us at Smith have made these with our kids, grandkids, or nieces and nephews. All of us had a blast creating their favorite characters or objects!

For more fun ideas check out: You will be amazed at what they dreamed up!


Wanted Wall Portrait: The Journey 2

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Journey 2web

The Journey Wall Portraits were a new addition to our studio two years ago, and since then they have been catching a lot of peoples attention. The layout is unique and fun! There are two different versions in the Journey series. Next week we will be featuring the other Journey, and you will be able to see the sizes of the openings are a bit different! As see with Madeline's session The Journey 2 really accents her bright colors and fits her playful poses perfectly! 

Creative Senior Ideas: Idea Seven

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Allard,J 017web

A great way to enhance your senior picture experience is adding on 15 minutes of additional session time. Jenna wanted some pictures with her boyfriend, so she included a Friendship Session. We loved the idea that he brought his motorcycle. Their simple black t-shirt matched his motorcycle and with the bright green summer background it made for one gorgeous portrait! Cute idea and cute couple!

Get To Know The Smith Staff....Jenna!!!

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Who's Jenna Flat

2011 Smith Reps WANTED!

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FB Reps