Wanted Wall Portrait: Memento

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Schmitt 8sqweb

Our Memento Wall Portrait is a great way to show many different looks or like Ben you can keep it simple with three outfits! There are so many options with The Memento and the best way to choose what looks best is to design it with our sales consultant at your order appointment! You'll have fun designing it together!

Creative Senior Ideas: Idea Six

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We are all about having fun and Hillary was too! During Hillary's session a Kanye West song came on and she grabbed her camera and started shooting herself! What resulted were these super fun pics! Check out the Wanted Wall Portraits Section in our Blog to see the Themed 8 Square they ordered of these pictures! During your session we crank the music so if you feel like pausing for a second and want to jam out to your favorite song just do so!


Get to Know The Smith Staff....Lindsey!!!

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Who's Lindsey Web

Wanted Wall Portrait: Stripes

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Vike Stripesweb

The Stripes is one of our most fun wall portraits. The split images offer a fresh way to show off your senior portraits. What we loved about Nicole's Wall Portrait is her mixture of bright colors with black and whites!

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

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If you are ever in Chicago during St. Patrick's Day check out their Green River. It's awesome to see and a great way to enhance your St. Patty's experience! Check out the Video to see how they prepare for it!

Creative Senior Ideas: Idea Five

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KammerK 112web

Who said senior pictures isn't hard work? Well, for Kelsi it wasn't but for Bruiser it was! We love it when you bring in your pets and don't forget they like to be stylish too! With Kelsi and Bruiser in there matching Badger Jersey's you don't get much cuter than this! If you are interested in bringing in your furry friend just  let us know ahead of time, because we will need to add on a Friendship Session, which is an additional 15 minutes! Call us for more information!

I'm Yours!

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This will make you smile because you can't get much cuter!

Congrats Brianna W.!

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Congrats to Brianna. W. for winning our iPod Nano drawing at this year's Verona Prom Fashion Show!


Congrats Melissa for Making the Milwaukee Brewer's Diamond Dancers!!

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 We are so happy for Melissa she has made the Brewer's Diamond Dance Team! We have been photographing her since she was a little girl and she is like family here! Melissa's family is extremely proud and we all wish her the best and brightest future! Have fun!

Wanted Wall Portrait: Mini Me 5 w/ Custom Mat

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Krueger MM5web

The Mini Me Products can be displayed most anywhere in your home, because they are only 5-6" wide! This allows you to display the Mini Me's with other portraits or by themselves in that odd spot where normally portraits wouldn't fit! Jenessia's Mini Me turned out beautiful because she did all her High Contrast images in a Sepia Tone. She also went with a Custom Mat Color because they knew it would be displayed in a room that had pinks in it. We often ask you what room you will display your portraits in, because then we can design a custom mat for you too!