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Session Spotlight: Statia

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Statia is a photography loving, yellow high heel, tiara wearing, vintage hat collector kind of girl. Check out her great session!

the loft

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One great thing about our new studio is that we have this fantastic loft above our main shooting area. We hope to change a few things for this coming year to utilize the space even more. Here are a few favorite shots using the window in the loft.




The great outdoors

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When ever we have a chance we love to photograph outside. We find all different kinds of locations to shoot, stairways, warehouses, porches, anywhere! 


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Looking for something totally unique? Things that no one else has? Well then you should check out Etsy is a website that has all things handmade that you can buy directly from the artists. Clothing, artwork, bags and purses, furniture, really everything is on Etsy. Check it out!


Jump Around!: The Broske Family

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On Christmas Eve the Broske family came to the studio in the morning for a family portrait. They were all wearing nice sweaters and jeans and then they told about their idea of capturing their love of Badger football. We did the sweater and jean shots first and then brought out the Badger gear! It was alot of fun and they all had great ideas! Here's some shots from their session.

Broske 4E8Y8456 1
Broske 4E8Y8474 1
Broske 4E8Y8480comp
Broske 4E8Y8508 1

Dance, dance...

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Every year we get a handful of talented seniors who are great dancers! Dancers are always so fun to photograph. Here are only a few shots of some girls we photographed this past year.

Happy New Year!

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We wish everyone a safe and happy New Year!

Winter wonderland: The Sweeney Family

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A few days ago we had the Sweeney Family in our studio for a family portrait session. We did some nice indoor shots, and then Laura, who was a Rep for us this past year, suggested we go outside! Everyone was up for it and it was so beautiful outside. Here's getting ready for the shot and the outcome :)

Sweeney 00008399 1
Sweeney 4E8Y8548 1

SPA here we come!

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In a few days Rick and Sue will be leaving for our annual SPA event. SPA is a fantastic organization that we belong to where we learn new lighting, posing, upcoming fashions and more! This year SPA will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Every year we participate in various photo shoots that SPA has. This year Rick will be photographing at Red Rock State Park, just outside of Las Vegas. A few years ago Jenna visited Red Rock and here are some of her shots she took of the landscape. When she went there was no one around, so sorry no models! :) Be sure to check back for shots from Rick and Sue's trip!