We did it! 100 Facebook fans!

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We meet our goal, and in record time, of 100 facebook fans! If you're not a fan, but would like to become one click here!

FB 100

Need a gift idea?

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Have that person in your family that's impossible to buy gifts for? Don't know what to get your parents? A niece or nephew who will be getting their senior portraits taken soon? How about a gift certificate for a portrait session!? Gift certificates can be purchased in any amount and don't expire! Call you at the studio for more information 608-873-6766

busy, busy, busy

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We've been busy the last few days getting together our holiday card and reordering special to send out in the mail to all of our 2008 sessions. Keep your eyes open for it in the mail soon! Check out the special offer and give us a call if you have any questions! 608-873-6766

Facebook and MySpace fans, thank you

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We would like to thank everyone who has joined us on Facebook and MySpace. We nearly doubled our fans/friends in about a week. If you could let your friends know about us that would be great! Here are some of the image composites we have made for our new friends.


Take our online Senior survey

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Take the Online Survey

Stoughton Victorian Holiday Weekend

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This weekend Stoughton is hosting the annual Victorian Holiday Weekend celebration. Great food and entertainment for the whole family. For more information click here!Picture_4

Black and white if you like

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This year more than ever we've had guys take us up on High Contrast. We've been doing High Contrast inside, outside, with sports and music. It's a great look to add to your session. If you like this look let us know and we'll add it in!Hc_guys

Melissa- prom ready, fashionista, cheerleader, sweet and simple

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A new found love

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Maybe some of you have heard of this, I know I had but never looked into Pandora.com until this morning! It is fantastic! It's a free website that you type in your favorite artist or group and they magically find other artists that have a similar sound. Check it out!


Evansville Basketball Poms Team

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A while back the Evansville Basketball Poms team came in for their team photo shoot. This is the poster we created for them. If your on a team and would like to have a custom poster made for you, give us a call @ 608-873-6766!Pomsbbposterweb